Happy Superman

The team of amateur racers is going to organize a new tournament in which you will take part. Do not wait for light tests - between the participants of the races a serious battle will unfold, so hold the steering wheel firmly and press on the gas! Thanks to the excellent physics and graphic component, the gameplay will pleasantly surprise sophisticated racing toy lovers. Moreover, each subsequent test is able to double the number of received emotions, because an increase in the level of complexity affects the drive and adrenaline. HOW TO PLAY:Management in the game is quite convenient - the buttons W, S, A, D. The first game level will allow you to quickly get used to the management, so do not worry if the first race will fail. However, there is always the opportunity to get ahead - on the locations are located in a random order speed boosters. Passing through them, you can get a powerful nitro boost, making it easy to get around the closest rivals and get good chances of winning. Try to avoid collisions with riders and even more obstacles. Otherwise, your movement will be significantly slowed down or stopped altogether for a while.