Blocky Kick

Kick it good in Blocky Kick! In this thrilling football game, it’s all you have to do. When you hit play, the game will demand you to choose a national team. There is a variety of nations to play: there is Poland, England, Argentina just to name a few. Your task will be kicking the ball. You will be taking freekicks and will try to beat both defenders and a goalkeeper. You’ll have 3 chances to make a goal. And you’ll have these 3 chances whole through the game. If you miss 3, then game is over for you buddy. You can also check your score and be proud of it looking at the tracker on the left of the screen in Blocky Kick game.   The main goal is scoring goals but if you can score a goal and hit the designated targets at the same time, you’ll get extra scores. With its cartoony graphics, Blocky Kick 2 is a blast to play. Its cartoonized characters are really adorable and will make you laugh while you’re having the stress of scoring. Blocky Kick unblocked cool game has simple yet efficent game mechanics. It’s pretty simple, you’ll choose the destination of the goal; but this simplicity makes the game such a joy to experience. It isn't complex but it’s also a challenge for gamer to overcome. Each stage, each kick is put together carefully. It’s a charming football game that every football fan must try out at least for once in their lifetime.   If you call yourself a gamer and a football fan it’s a catch for you. If you call yourself either of these things, a gamer or a football fan it’s also a catch for you. It’s a catch for whole gaming community and it’s free here on yup7. Click play and start feeling the fiery flames of competition right away!   Be sure to visit our Football Games category for more games like this. Have fun!