Frog Rush

The merry frog bursts and the balls fly out of it! At first, one or two frogs appear on the screen, and when they pop out or from one frog, balls fly out and simply disappear, or if there are two frogs on the screen, and the balls from one blow up and the second. But at a certain moment there are so many frogs that the sequence of explosions has to be taken into account, because if it is wrong to calculate, not all waggles explode at a time. HOW TO PLAY: Frogs can not only croak, but also explode. And it can explode, as one green girlfriend on the screen, and a great many. By the way, there are 30 levels in the game, but only one is available at the start. There are 3 frogs, but at the beginning you can choose, as usual, only one. So, we start with two frogs, one of which needs to be pressed, it explodes, balls fly away, which blow up another frog. At the top of the screen, the green scale decreases (time scale), and all frogs must explode before the scale ends. If you did everything right, you get bonuses for winning. Then there are only more frogs, some of them are one-eyed. Despite the fact that freshwater rather nasty in themselves, they need to blow up all. Now you