Perfect Turn

Welcome to the free game Perfect Turn. This is a great Puzzle Games. Perfect turn-based game is an exciting, unique puzzle game in which you manipulate a tiny sponge through an assortment of exciting yet challenging stages that will really have you both puzzling and delighting over how easy yet tricky it is at the very same time. In a nutshell, the game is all about learning the rules, executing moves, timing them right, and then carefully progressing to the next level where you can practice all that you've been taught with just a few moves. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not, but with the right instructions and tutorials your kids will be racking up victory after victory within no time.

The basic concept of the game is actually very similar to other similar games in which the objective is for you to get from one level to another without falling down, only this time you must also get the objects behind you without triggering any alarms or destroying anything along the way. As you go further along the line you will encounter obstacles such as bumpers, spikes, and holes and having the right strategy can mean the difference between life and death. Moving along the platform will slow down time, so you must think carefully when moving from one area to another as if you were walking on a slippery surface. The objective is still the same, find the objects behind you without triggering any alarms and keep moving forward with minimal pausing and resting. This is where the game takes its second form, as a puzzle game where the player has to solve the puzzle to advance further and continue on to complete the level.

You can make use of the various puzzle solving skills in Perfect Turn unblocked game by putting the sponge into various mazes and the goal you are trying to achieve is for them to reach the finish line without triggering any alarms and without stepping on any spikes or holes. The game comes with various mazes such as underwater maze, mental maze, animal maze, and underwater city maze. There are also other games including the leader boards for the different game modes. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Perfect Turn unblocked free game!