Habbo Clicker

The game will make you feel like a real private owner engaged in the hotel business. There is already a building suitable for receiving guests from different parts of the world in the future. But first you need to try to improve the hotel, which, with due effort, should be a prosperous place, gathering many visitors. Equip each room with everything you need for a pleasant stay with comfort, worry about the quality service that can please even the most demanding customers. HOW TO PLAY: First available is one room with important objects required constant modifications. An indicator with a blue scale, filled after a certain time, is displayed above specific items. Objects are pumped in several ways: at the expense of money, which brings even more impressive amount, also due to energy - the rate of profit increases. Below bottom are indicators that indicate the resources that are available for pumping. Extra money is taken from past the flying bird, the head waiter - the hotel manager and so on.