Dynamons 2

Dynamons 2 is simply an amazing role playing game, it is the second game in the dynamons series! Get ready to save the universe and kick butt in the exciting and gripping game of Dynamites 2 Online! Train your children in the ways of righteousness, train them to be the greatest crime fighting agents in the known universe, train them well! Train them well in the ways of Dynamites 2 Unblocked!

In the second installment of the highly acclaimed dynamons series, players are once again caught up in the high stakes crime fighting action as they put up another front against the evil Doctor Nefarious and his evil army of robots. The second game in this standalone franchise is not only a huge success but also a very entertaining game. Like the first installment, players are once more drawn into the role of three dimension characters trying to put an end to Doctor Nefarious' plan to conquer the world. In fact, it is so thrilling that many players would dare to say that it is not just a game; it is a game which could actually teach kids about right and wrong...and a game that could also teach them about loyalty and honor.

The story line once again kicks off with a bang as we once again find ourselves in a dark fantasy world. Here, you have to choose a side and choose a hero among the heroes of justice, righteousness and purity. Your chosen hero will then have to enter the online game to start the adventure. Although we are not sure whether the story line will remain the same for the remaining episodes or if it will be changed according to popular demand, either way we can be sure that the dynamons 2 online game is going to be a big hit this time around. Yup7.com wishes you success in the game of Dynamons 2 game.