Doodieman Bazooka

Welcome to the free game Doodieman Bazooka. This is a great Action Games. Doodiemanazooka is a new action game that lets you play as the zombie killing killer Doodieman in order to solve the mystery of a whole bunch of murders committed by a mad scientist. As you play as the zombie killing killer Doodieman, you'll notice that you're able to perform moves in the game which include shooting, throwing, sneaking, smashing, and even pummeling your enemies to death! And just like the other games that you find in the App Store, the app has 60 levels of excitement, which will definitely keep you coming back to the game all over again. In fact, I was one of the first players to try out this game, and I loved it!

In the game itself, you'll have to shoot down a number of zombies who seem to be after your poop bazooka. You'll notice that there are a lot of weapons available to you as you go through the levels, but most of them just end up being worthless, as they just couldn't kill the zombies that quickly or easily. However, if you use the shotty moves you have access to, you'll notice that you can injure the zombies a bit and weaken them to the point where they'll fall to the ground and then be stunned and be killed. However, using the much more effective ranged attacks on the zombies makes it so that you'll have no trouble at all targeting the zombies you want to kill and eliminate without having to worry about reloading your weapon.

As a whole, Doodieman Bazooka unblocked game is a fun game that's easy to pick up and play. In fact, I think you'd probably be surprised by how much fun the game can actually be. It's just another one of those rare games that manages to combine elements of action, shooting, and puzzle together into a game that's totally engrossing. Don't let its simplicity fool you, though, as this game has some very complex concepts behind it. For example, you'll find yourself using the same ammunition every time you shoot the zombies. If you get hit with a stray bullet, you'll have to pick up another ammo cartridge, thus repeating the entire process over again. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Doodieman Bazooka unblocked free game!