Roll the Flow

Most people have at one time or another heard of the popular kids' arcade game called Roll the Flow. If you were a kid when it was first introduced you most likely remember playing this type of game as often as possible. The great thing about the Roll the Flow Unblocked game is that it is now available on computer and can be played from any computer around the world. Kids that are still using computers as their source of entertainment may have missed out on this one but now that it is available they can enjoy it as much as anyone else.

Roll the Flow game is a puzzle game that uses a series of light bulbs in order to make different shapes and the player is the one that must complete the circuit by linking each shape together. In order to successfully connect the different shapes you must guide them along the grid by pulling the light cord which comes on in the lower right hand corner of the screen. To guide the shapes along the grid you use the mouse to guide them in either the up or down direction. Keep calm and enjoy the wonderful levels in Roll the Flow!

In order to complete the puzzle, you must guide the shapes through each level using the mouse and guide them to the correct connections between the shapes. Sometimes the connections are not that simple and you will have to go back and try again until you get it right. It might take a few tries to get the flow going but when you do it will be one of the most exciting arcade games you have ever played. When you finally complete the game you will have a wonderful time being able to see the light bulbs start to flash in the different colors and seeing your cute little creations come to life on the screen. wishes you have fun playing Roll the Flow.