Candy Burst

Candy Burst is one the newest html5 arcade game for pc right now that you can easily play to just have what you need, it is so addicting or purely enjoyable for your brain, free to playing and enjoyable gaming style which gives you the ultimate candy exploding experience that you have never had before. You play as Candy Burst game and try to pop as many shapes as you possibly can within a certain time frame. Different levels require different ways of playing the game, so that means if you are having trouble with a level it's worth looking around to try and figure out how to get past it. Most levels have an assortment of coins that are used to purchase power ups that are exclusive to that level, so you can buy them to help yourself along the way. Each level has a leader board where you can display your high scores and challenge your friends to beat them.

Candy Burst Unblocked game is most fun on its first level, once you get more advanced you have this wonderful assortment of power ups to help you along the way. Power ups can also change the color of your candy as they change in appearance, so you always know what color to pop next as well as how long it will take to pop the shape. Some of these power ups even allow you to change your difficulty level, so that means if you are a beginner you can pop a easier puzzle to keep you challenged, later on you can increase the difficulty to harder and more difficult levels as you go along and get more comfortable with the game and the power ups. The game has a simple but fun and addictive design that is guaranteed to be a huge hit for all ages, so you really owe it to yourself to check it out and find out just why it is the big buzz on the Internet. wishes you have fun playing Candy Burst free unblocked game!