City Ambulance Simulator

  Welcome to City Ambulance Simulator! When we think of health emergencies we always think about heroic doctors, talented nurses or emergency medical technicians. What about the navigator of sirens? What about brave ambulance drivers that risk their life for the well being of the ill? This amazing simulator game is about unsung heroes of medical affairs, andiIt’s called City Ambulance Simulator!   In this absolutely fantastic simulator game, you’ll play a big role on the status of sick people. After you specialize your ambulance, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the action. There is injured people all over the place and their health status is up to you. Don't let down these people whose lives depend on you. City car driving simulator ambulance will help you understand how long period of time a second can be. One wrong turn and done. You hit another car and the patient is now in coma. City ambulance simulator 2019 will help you determine your actions under the pressure of a life and death situation. It’s all fictional of course. No life form was injured in the development of this game. It’s called a simulation game for a reason. It will simulate these scenarios, and you’ll help saving innocent lives on City Ambulance Simulator free online unblocked game.   It has realistic graphics that will help you get into the mood. Game mechanics are pretty simple and on these kind of situations, simplicity is what you need. Click play game and start simulating these lethal scenarios and being part of a rescuing a human being's life right away! Also, you can visit our Simulation Games category for more games like this. Have fun!