Combat Zombie Warfare

Welcome to Combat Zombie Warfare! It’s an exciting, genre blending thrill ride! This action-packed game is an apocalypse surviving/team deathmatch. You can choose a server from Europe, US or Russia and start playing online with players from around the world simultaneously. If you wanna play by yourself and feel the isolation of a real apocalypse experience, you can play single player. Level after level you'll try to survive against different types of zombies and you’ll never feel like playing the same level over and over again. There are many levels so you’ll jump into lots of different adventures. This game has a runtime that a few browser game can match. You’ll get scared in every 5 minutes because of its 3D graphics. The foes are menacing, when they jumpscare you, you can fall of your chair. You’ll grow fond of the game and its map. You'll find your sweet spot and bring mayhem to other players. You’ll be using different types of weapons and tools for your survival. You’ll use wrenches, deagles, auto weapons and many more different ones. Its armory is off the charts. There is a frickin grenade launcher you can use! Click start and join the ultimate survival experience now!