Cookie Rush

Cookie Rush is an addicting game similar to Monopoly. Play 3 of the same color sweets to earn points during each level. When you match 4 sweets, they turn into a special candy! Use the power of unique sweets for special rewards.

Clear level missions with a certain amount of moves. If you lose a piece of your cookies, you have to replace it with a new one. The game ends when you run out of sugary energy and time runs out. This is a nice twist on the classic matches 3 games that usually end with one of you running out of time and the other getting to continue.

While these days, most games require many multi-player games, the Cookie Rush Unblocked game does not. There is no need for dice, cards, or anything else that distracts a group of people trying to win the game. It just makes for a nice addictive match 3 sugar cookie game! It also has a number of levels that you can advance to. Although the game is mostly online, it does have a few levels that involve a few local users as well. wishes you good fun in the Cookie Rush game.