Fruit Swipe Mania

Play Fruit Swipe Mania on your mobile phone and PC! Do you enjoy riddles and test three fantastic games on your phone where you could enjoy at that very moment? Well, if the answer is yes, then you must try out this latest game of ours which is called Fruit Swipe Mania Unblocked game.

Fruit Swipe Mania free unblocked game is an absolutely fascinating game. It is a mixture of fun and skill where you could play with a simple yet challenging gameplay where you have to choose correct colored fruits that will eventually give you star power. Once you win a level or match, you will earn huge cash amounts which you can use to purchase new gems for next level/match and so on. The whole game revolves around a lot of strategy making and good timing. You must not only be careful about your moves but you should also consider the timing of the fruits swipe.

Fruit Swipe Mania is certainly a unique blend of fun and puzzle. You might find it hard to believe but this is a real gem from There are no advertisements to annoy you and there is no loading time to wait. wishes you have fun playing Fruit Swipe Mania free cool game!