Ice Queen Bathroom Deco

Welcome to the online game Ice Queen Bathroom Deco. This is a free Girl Game. The Ice Queen is a princess and needs a little help decorating her bathroom. Unfortunately, the icy beauty doesn't have the time to do it herself. First, you'll need to arrange her toys in their proper places, place the toilet paper in its shelves, and clean the shower cabin. Next, you'll need to decorate her bathroom. Try adding different kinds of furniture to the room and you'll be amazed by her taste in decorating.

The Ice Queen is getting ready to be a mommy. She's stressed, so she needs a relaxing bath. Use scented oils and masks to make the water soothing and pampering. While she's in the tub, you can play with her makeup and dress up. Create an awesome look for her. This game is perfect for a mom-to-be! If you like to play games involving a mother, you'll find it fun and educational. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Ice Queen Bathroom Deco Unblocked Free Game!