Headless Zombie

In one of the ancient kingdoms settled good-natured rich Carl, who directed his efforts and money to restore his new home and kingdom. Things went well, the kingdom began to gradually come to life and people began to return to it, believing Carl. But the kingdom is not just fell into decay, it's all the tricks of a dark magician who decided to enslave the people and take possession of the once thriving lands, so when Charles appeared, the sorcerer's plans were violated. The magician just does not back down, and one day, suddenly appearing in front of Karl walking on horseback, he greatly frightened the horse, after which the horse carried Karl and threw him off. Karl fell so badly that he broke his neck, which the sorcerer wanted. So, the decapitated Karl remained in the dark forest, and the sorcerer went to the kingdom and took possession of everything that the successful rich man owned.