Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run is a high-end, addicting and thrilling kids game. Get ready to escape into a colorful world and adventure while collecting coins, earning experience points and competing in thrilling races against many of its characters. 

In this fast-paced adventure game, you take control of a Nom, a flying squirrel that crashes on Earth and lands on the mysterious planet of Vana. The planet is ruled by four races, each with unique culture and set of challenges. You, as the game's nominee, have been chosen to be one of three runners who will compete in races across three levels - starting at the ground level and going up to the highest peak. The game gives you the opportunity to use different strategies and level up as you move up, as you will encounter tough obstacles that will test even the hardened racer. The game comes complete with 50 levels of pure adrenaline rush as you try to beat your friends and enemies.

The game's beautiful graphics will grab your attention immediately. The colorful artwork is shown off quite well when you race against the game's colorful, cool background characters. However, the game is not just a nice-looking spectacle, but it also has sound effects and a few other neat features that really make you enjoy playing the game. Some of the sounds feature real instruments, which is a nice touch. Om Nom Run Unblocked game is an addictive, action-packed, side-scrolling adventure game that comes with more than enough addictive fun. If you like your adventure games with a bit of a twist, then you will probably fall in love with this one. wishes you success in Om Nom Run game.