Wheel Race 3D

Welcome to the online game Wheel Race 3D. This is a great Racing Game. Wheel Race 3D free game is a great family friendly driving game where your child can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment. The unique thing about this game is that you can change the terrain of the race course as you please, and use various tools to boost your vehicle's performance. You can even pit your truck to have another go at the competition. If you love playing trucks then you'll love Wheel Race 3D.

Wheel Race 3D Unblocked Game sports an all new technology which lets you change the look of your truck in real time with the help of truck effects and textures. Besides that, this unblocked racing game has a number of options such as track building and detailing, player auto pilot facility, multiple profiles, online high score management system and leader boards for online competitions. This racing game is an excellent choice for those interested in arcade games as well. For the children, there are special touch screen buttons that let them control the different elements of the game such as switching to driving mode or entering a race. There are options to control the characters of the trucks such as changing their colors and getting some unique sounds. All these features make Wheel Race 3D an exciting activity that even your kid will find exciting and intriguing. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Wheel Race 3D Unblocked Free Game!