Toto Adventure

Funny guy named Toto just can not stand to sit still, but loves adventure. Today, together with his friends, our young hero sets off. Want to keep him company? Then, welcome to the game Toto Adventure. You can choose one of three characters: the fellow Toto, a clever ninja or a strong and enduring robot. Make your choice and go on a journey to search for treasure. Ahead of you are waiting for twenty-four levels. At each level, you can find a treasure chest, but to get them you need to open it. To do this, you need to collect three golden keys and the chest will open, and you can go further. If with the first levels, you cope with ease, then you have to try. Hordes of zombies who want to get a new victim will roam around. To destroy the walking dead, you just need to jump on their heads. Ahead of you is waiting for a lot of adventures and puzzles that need to be solved. Enjoy the game and good luck!