Adam and Eve Go 3

Adam and Eve GO 3 is a new and unique puzzle-game from the makers of Sudoku. On the off chance that you don't know what a Sudoku is, it is a type of mathematical calculator which has been made very popular over the years and now, Adam and Eve have given it a new twist! On this game there are many different stages to play and all of them are full of a variety of things to do, ranging from cooking, collecting the fruits to even farming and fighting with animals!

In this platformer you play as Adam, a plumber who lives in a small apartment, along with his dog Eve. Everyday he goes to work but when Eve gets tired, she decides to explore, so he takes her to her favorite pet store where she meets the head chef who thinks her abilities could be monetized. To make some extra money, Eve decides to start her own catering company, so that she can earn some extra spending cash, but things go wrong when she runs out of ingredients for her cakes. Now, as Adam and Eve start their first day as partners in business, they must navigate through many levels to find the right puzzle and avoid getting the bad items that will destroy the shop!

It is really amazing how well this game plays and how much fun you will have trying to complete all of its puzzles. The graphics are clean and not cartoon-like, but are polished enough to make the player feel as though he/she is still having a good time! Adam and Eve GO 3 Unblocked game is a great platformer that anyone who plays should experience!