Happy Milk Glass

Welcome to the great Happy Milk Glass game. This is a great puzzle game. Happy Milk Glass is a puzzle game for kids that makes use of milk shakes in its mechanics. The objective of the game is to serve up different milkshake flavor through a series of mazes and obstacle courses. The objective is simple: serve up the seven flavors via the glass in five minutes. As you go along, you earn money that helps you buy better milkshakes. In this game, there are various milkshake flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, yogurt, and more.

There are various levels of difficulty, depending on how quickly you can make the milkshakes. For example, the easiest level starts with a pink milkshake. As you make more pink milkshakes, the levels get harder, until finally, there is a purple one to serve. However, you cannot earn money in this game while you are on the simplest level. If you mess up, you will lose all the money you've spent in buying the different flavors. 

Happy Milk Glass has many features including achievements and online high scores, that can help your kids enjoy the game. You can also compete with other kids online who have played the game. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Happy Milk Glass Unblocked free game!