Jumping Joe

Jumping Joe! and Friends is an arcade-style puzzle game played entirely with the touch of a button, where you have to avoid all obstacles in order to proceed. To jump, simply press the left or right mouse button to jump up, and the left mouse button to fall down. There are many obstacles in Jumping Joe Unblocked game! Such as buzzing bees, fire balls, bouncing blocks, exploding barrels, and other hazards that will slow you down, make you lose health or stop you from jumping.

The first obstacle is the bee. Biting down on a bee will make Joe fall down hurt. A wise choice is to bite the bee and keep falling down, or avoid it entirely. It is quite difficult to avoid all of the obstacles in Jumping Joe free game! which means that you will need to know your strategy for staying away from problems, learning advanced tips for playing this arcade game, and mastering the important statistical data for every game you play.

You can unlock more advanced obstacles as your progress through the game - every character has three levels, and each has three different sets of obstacles. As you progress through the game, you earn money that can be used to buy better equipment for your character. When you are playing Jumping Joe! you must use a fair amount of luck, but at the same time must avoid being careless and making mistakes that will take away your money. This is perhaps the best game on Yup7 Games that encourages you to be a generalist in your approach to playing - mastering the basics will get you well on your way to mastering the game! Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Jumping Joe Unblocked free game!