Mountain Operation

Mountain Operation is one of the most exciting free games available to be played online. It is a type of first-person shooting, where the player has to use his or her skills to destroy enemy soldiers stationed at the military camp you are trying to infiltrate. You also have a number of weapons to use, including RPGs, hand grenades, and automatic weapons.

Mountain Operation Unblocked game takes place on the beautiful mountains of the Caucasus Mountains, some 6500 meters above sea level. The game is set during the period of World War II, when the Central Russia Russian Front was engaged in a fierce battle with the Western Military command. As a part of the German military campaign, the Central Russians had surrounded the Western forces and was preparing to attack them when the United States and Britain started sending military troops to help the Russian army. In order to prevent the Central Russians from attacking the Western forces, the British put the 1st Mountain Division into the area under orders to guard the passes between the two armies. Only about a dozen men from the division survived the gruesome combat, but they have since become something of a legend on the frozen tundra - the name of one of their officers, Colonel Oliver Allen, became popular among people in the region.

A number of military historians believe that Oliver Allen's division drove the enemy troops away and laid the foundation for what would become the modern Russian military. As a result, the American soldiers who fought in Mountain Operation free online game later helped to form the modern Russian army. Although not particularly interesting by nature, Mountain Operation is one of the best snow-themed games available, thanks to its historical background and the amazing visuals it provides. If you enjoy shooting games with complex and interesting settings, then this one has everything that you could possibly want. In fact, the game has gained plenty of popularity not only among fans of snowboarding, but also among gamers who like a challenge and like to spend a bit of time in a cold environment. Good luck and have loads of fun!