Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks is an online boy's game. You as the player controlling the unit have to move across different maps to attack the other side and protect the base. As the leader of your army, you have to send various units across the map to destroy the enemy's base and protect your own base from being attacked. The game has numerous multiplayer modes as well as single player challenges and is immensely popular among all age groups. The single player challenge involves playing one against one and the winning player wins the game. Multiplayer games offer several exciting game modes and give you a chance to fight with your friends over a computer or play it with real players in a multiplayer battle arena.

This exciting boy's game revolves around a global war and it pits the armies of the United States, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, and France against each other in a bid to control the most strategic point on the battlefield - Oil Over Pakistan. To win the game, you must ensure that you deploy the right units in the right locations to strike at the enemy's weak points and ensure quick victories over the enemy. The game consists of a number of historically authentic events that are portrayed in a 3D world. The game is inspired by the real battles that happened in the Second World War. In this game, players can choose either to play the American or the German armies and earn their own set of military rewards as well as enjoy the thrill of war and see the destruction of the enemy.

To play the amazing Call of Tanks unblocked game, you must select a nation to start off with. You have to ensure that you deploy the right units as a perfect combination is the key to emerge victorious in battle field. It may take some time for you to understand all the tactics involved in this battle field but once you master all the necessary strategies, winning the game is not going to be a tough proposition for you. For this highly realistic battle field, the Internet is the best place where you can explore some fascinating details about the game as well as play the awesome Call of Tanks game.