Pixel Zombies

Welcome to the free game Pixel Zombies . This is a great Action Games. Pixel Zombies unblocked game is an action game, which is extremely fun and offers the player a mixture of puzzle, action, shooting, and zombie-killing. Many people are familiar with this arcade game. It is one of the very few arcade games that are available for free on the Internet and is extremely popular with many people. This game is one of the best ones that has ever been developed and is ranked as high as it is. It was ranked number three in the category of best arcade game of all time according to arcade review websites.

The hero of this game is named Zombie Hunter and he must save the real world from zombies before they eat his brain. Recommended, most played by those who enjoy gun shooting action games. It is available for free online and many websites offer it for download so you should have no problems finding it.

When you first play the game you will see that it starts off very slow and not as exciting as other similar shooting games. The first obstacle that you have to overcome is a group of zombies chasing after a human female. After they are killed the remaining zombies will now attack your home but you have a machine gun that can take out the zombies so you don't have to worry about fighting them head on. Just aim at their heads and release the weapon and watch it destroy the zombies and their brains. The game ends when the last remaining zombie is killed and you move on to the next level where you have to save the real world from the zombies by going underground. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Pixel Zombies  unblocked free game!