Merge Fruit

Welcome to the online game Merge Fruit. This is a free Skill Game. This game is filled with colorful and tasty fruits. The goal is to combine them into new fruit to obtain the highest score worldwide. There are several different ways to get the highest score, including completing challenges and sharing your scores with your friends and other players.

To start the game, simply select a fruit on the screen. Left-click the fruit to make it fall, and then another one will appear. Continue merging fruits until you have the biggest, tastiest fruit. As you progress, you will find that you can cross a red line that will reset the game and end your game. Luckily, you can continue playing the game until you reach the top and unlock a new species.

The objective of Merge Fruit unblocked game is to merge identical fruits. Using your finger, swipe a fruit to drop it. When a fruit is complete, it will disappear. You can continue merging fruits until the screen is empty. However, beware that this game is incredibly addictive. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Merge Fruit Unblocked Free Game!