Super Chicken Fly

Welcome to the online game Super Chicken Fly. This is a online unblocked io Game. Super Chicken Fly unblocked game is a casual game available exclusively on You will need to help the little hen fly by bouncing on rocks and catching a few of the eggs. As you do this, you will have to collect as many eggs as possible. You can also collect the coins that the hen drops from the sky. The game will also feature many different challenges. To beat the game, you will need to score high scores and get better and higher than the last time you played it.

The action in this game is fast-paced. Each player chooses a mount and rider, which will allow them to jump or glide to defeat their opponents. In this game, your team will have to work together to catch the elusive chicken, which can be a flying pig. The fun of playing this game with friends can also be seen in the relationships that are forged between team members. As you progress in the game, you can work on improving your skills and bonding with other players.

The game controls are simple. You will use a mouse to play, and you will be able to touch and drag chickens to launch them. The chickens will bounce off other animals to give them boosts. As you go further, you can also unlock new tools for your chickens. As you play, you will find yourself wishing you had more time to play! While many people may be frustrated with the repetitiveness of the controls, the game has many unique features that will keep you entertained for hours. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Super Chicken Fly Unblocked Free Game!