Toys Shooter You vs Zombies

Welcome to the online game Toys Shooter You vs Zombies. This is a online unblocked Shooting Game. If you like to play action games, you will probably like Toys Shooter: You vs Zombies. The game is a fun, third-person action shooter. The goal of this game is to eliminate zombies and earn money to buy new weapons and skins.

This game will challenge your shooting skills, relaxing, and teamwork. You must stop 100 zombies before they kill you! Each time you kill a zombie, you will earn money. With that money, you can buy new weapons, skins, and other accessories.

You can use the WASD or the mouse to move your character. The left mouse button is used to shoot. Use the mouse wheel to aim and shoot your weapons. You can also use the spacebar to jump. You can even use your mouse to pick up items. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Toys Shooter You vs Zombies Unblocked Free Game!