Besties Paris Trip

Welcome to the free game Besties Paris Trip. This is a great Girls Games. You don't have to have any particular idea or theme in mind while playing Besties Paris Trip, it is a flash game so you can use the most random ideas that you have in your head as the basis of the games. It is a simple one yet an exciting dress up game where you help the cute princesses find their lost doll along with finding many other things as well. The main idea of the games is to see how far you can get with your dress up games without too much effort on the part of the players. Apart from helping the girls in getting ready for the best parties and events, these games also make use of some of the best graphics that are available today.

In the game, you will get dressed up in various party outfits like prom, formal, business, casual etc. and then help the little girls in finding the best dolls around. The best way to play the Besties Paris Trip free game is to choose the dress up game based on your own ideas. This will save you from having to play the same game in the future as it will help you play the best dress up games. You can go through the list of party outfits available and then decide on what you want your avatar to wear, this way you will be able to make your character unique and will stand out from the rest.

While waiting to meet the Parisian beauties, you must make sure to do some shopping as well, and dress up with the best outfits you have. There are some of the best dress up games that will allow you to do that. These games are based on a successful internet marketing campaign where the developers had designed different images of Paris and the different fashion accessories available there. You can use your mouse to point and click to dress up the girl and then reach in her pockets for money, which she will be unable to carry. If you win the Besties Paris Trip then you get the freebie and can choose one of the best outfits for yourself. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Besties Paris Trip unblocked free game!