Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter

Welcome to the online game Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter. This is a online unblocked Arcade Game. Playing Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter unblocked game is an addictive and fun game, perfect for all ages and skill levels. The objective of the game is to shoot the bubbles, matching them with the right ones to release the trapped pets. You can progress to the next level when all the bubbles are gone

This bubble shooter game has a very unique storyline. It follows a young girl named Emily. She is a spoiled little girl who has lost her home due to an unforeseen thunderstorm. Her house was destroyed, but fortunately it was quickly extinguished. Now, she and her pets are looking for a new place to live. To do so, you need to solve puzzles, which involve shooting corresponding colored balls. You can earn coins for the new house if you successfully destroy a chain of balls. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter Unblocked Free Game!