Ninja Action

We watched a lot of movies and read books about ninja adventures, but do you know who the ninjas are and where they came from. And it all began in Japan in the distant ninth-tenth century, when ninja clans began to appear in the major cities of the country of cherry blossoms. In fact, ninjas are not always silent and deadly killers, because, first of all, ninjas were spies who were entrusted with the most difficult tasks of penetrating enemy territory in order to obtain information. Therefore, we are now in the game Action Ninja try together with a dangerous ninja to perform the secret task of the main character of the ninja clan. The place to penetrate is located far in the mountains. This castle is well fortified and is practically not criminal, the poet needs to prepare special equipment for penetration into its territory, with which you can move practically on any surface and no matter where it is in a horizontal plane or vertical.