Super Sergeant Zombies

Welcome to the Super Sergeant Zombies game. This is a great shooting game. Super Sergeant Zombies Unblocked game is an exciting, fast-paced, zombie-shooting, 3D arcade action game for PC. In Super Sergeant Zombies you play as a green army soldier who is sent from the future to battle the Zombie Army. Shoot all zombies in all the levels and complete every objective to win.

The player is allowed to choose from many different settings including a military base, classroom, shopping mall, and much more. There are many exciting shooting techniques such as tapping the screen to do slow motion firing or tapping the screen to charge an energy blast. Other shooting is done by using the keyboard arrow keys or using the mouse wheel to aim. Some 3D games have more than one level to them, while others are single levels only. Regardless of how many levels there are, all are extremely challenging because the graphics are really good.

This game was inspired by the real military trials and challenges of war. You can replay levels multiple times to see if you can shoot all the enemies and win the game. It is available for free on a number of websites. If you do want to try some of the more advanced techniques, you can buy some of the advanced weapons and upgrades for very cheap. In the future I am sure there will be many more free super sergeant zombies online games that you can play and enjoy. wishes you have fun playing Super Sergeant Zombies Unblocked free game!