Shot Shot

Welcome to the online game Shot Shot. This is a online unblocked Arcade Game. The Shot Shot is an online shooter game that requires fast reactions, accuracy and steady shooting skills. There are multiple levels to this game, each of which requires players to master a particular skill to advance. There is a time limit on each level, and if you fail to complete it within that time, you will lose the level. So, it is important to master the skills of this game before you can advance further.

The basic rules of this game are simple enough: the first player chooses a spot on the court, takes the shot, and the next player has to do the same thing. If the first player makes the shot, that player then gets to take the next turn and so on. The game continues until one player misses five shots. Once the player makes the last shot, the defensive player attempts to score. The rules of this game vary, but most commonly, players score based on the "three-point line" or another defined location. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Shot Shot Unblocked Free Game!