Silent Soldier 3D

There is no information about the enemy, or where he is, or what to expect from him, so you have to act blindly. You start the game Silent Soldier 3D in the role of a soldier, who must perform a dangerous mission on the coast, there you need to find a map with the information, paying attention to the prompts that appear. The environment where you go is huge, explore it to determine where you can lie low if necessary. HOW TO PLAY: Prepare before meeting with the enemies, as they will be armed to the teeth. Be sure to use all the weapons that are in the arsenal, and at your disposal there is only a knife and a gun, so do not relax too much. Try not to attract too much attention, otherwise the enemy bullet will overtake before you have time to come to your senses. Perform missions, get medals for it, which makes it possible to raise the rank, climbing the career ladder, starting with an ordinary soldier. As someone complete the game, it is up to you. If you want to track the statistics necessary for comparison with other players, then register, then with a good game you will see your nickname in the leaderboard.