Red and Green 6 Color Rain

Red and Green 6 Color Rain is a combination of adventure and simulation games that can be played on mobile devices. The game provides great entertainment for kids and adults alike. The story begins with the little children following a snow storm from the North Pole to the City of New York. Along the way, they encounter a talking polar bear and solve puzzles, while collecting additional pets, upgrading their equipment, and learning additional skills. As each stage is reached, new challenges emerge, giving kids the opportunity to put their knowledge to use and gain access to additional gifts as they progress through the game.

While 2 player games are popular on pc games, they can also be enjoyed on a number of mobile devices. This interactive version allows players to take on the role of a real-life adventurer. The game is controlled by touch screen buttons and players manipulate rain, sleet, and snow to affect the environment. With every successful step the game takes them into an adventure full of excitement, discovery, and adventure.

Red and Green 6 Color Rain Unblocked game features the "Pets vs. Zombies" formula, which are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults alike. In this version of the unblocked game, each player controls one character. When any character is moved out of the screen's bounds, that character falls down. When a character lands on an object or character in the foreground, they get to stay and play around that object, instead of falling off. The adventure comes to an abrupt halt when the character reaches the bottom of the screen and enters the "arena", where winning pets will be waiting for them. wishes you have fun playing Red and Green 6 Color Rain Unblocked free game!