Square Pixel Slime

Welcome to the free game Square Pixel Slime. This is a great Arcade Games. In the brand new arcade game Square Pixel Slime you will take to the 3D pixel universe. Here you will live a funny little creature which looks like a square black cube. Your character will now be visible above you on the bottom screen, who will slowly gain speed as you pass through various platforms and rooms. Your aim is to eliminate all the enemy monsters and reach the goal area to win!

The main reason why this game has become so popular is its unique take on an old-fashioned style of platform gaming. This makes Square Pixel Slime unblocked game a unique arcade game, complete with an interesting storyline and awesome graphics. If you're looking for an addicting hidden object style game that you can play alone or with your friends, you won't find a better one than Square Pixel Slime. The graphics are colorful and the story is quite light-hearted. You will also find a lot of hidden objects to discover in this puzzle game as well as the all-important power ups that will help you advance through each room faster. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Square Pixel Slime unblocked free game!