Here's another awesome one from .IO Games category: It's a great multiplayer online game where you need to fight and destroy other players in an enormous open space. And you will be fighting with players from all around the world at real-time.   You will start the game typing your player name and then you'll choose: Play Snake or Play Zapper io? In Play Snake, you will play by avoiding other players and in Play Zapper, you will play by attacking other players. You can boost your speed by eating food or moving near the electric grid lines to connect for a free speed boost. Eating food scattered in space will make you grow, get bigger and regain your energy. Beware of the red lines because they indicate danger. Also, you need to avoid head contact with bigger players. In Zapper mode, you can attack any player but again, you should avoid head contact with bigger players. Try attacking their tail instead. There is a catch-22 situation though. And this is where the challenge of this game comes from. The bigger you get, the more unsafe you are because of the possible attacks by smaller players. So you need to be on guard all the time in ion zapper. free online game is one of the many multiplayer online games on our website that deserves attention. Start playing now and experience a great gameplay with a game that brings a breath of fresh air to traditional snake games.