Frankenstein Go

Welcome to the online game Frankenstein Go. This is a Platform Game. A game that tests physical and mental skills is Frankenstein Go Unblocked Game. In this puzzle-platformer, players must solve difficult puzzles to save their beloved. As the main character, Frankenstein must rescue Yuna from evil forces and collect items to advance to the next level. The gameplay is a fast-paced one, with the challenge of completing each level being multiplied by the number of times a player has failed the previous level.

The game has three different storylines. In the first, the protagonist, Frankenstein, is a monster that has the ability to move around and interact with the environment. As he travels through the world, he must avoid obstacles while solving puzzles. While Frankenstein is trying to save the girl, he is besieged by the appearance of Mari. This causes him to become nervous and he decides to call his hideout.

In the second scenario, Frankenstein has a plan to kill his enemy. He will try to stop him by using his mind power and will make him fall down. He will kill his enemy with his power but will lose the game to his servant Raizel. The third scenario will happen when the monster's powers become strong and he tries to defeat his doppelgänger. In this game, he is not defeated. He manages to get away from the monster and save his beloved. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Frankenstein Go Unblocked Free Game!