Lab Rush

In the game Lab Rush, you will find yourself in the epicenter of strange events. Your character will be a talented scientist who suffers from amnesia. He will have to conduct his own investigation to find out what is actually happening in the secret laboratory. The guy will be able to get to the bottom of the essence, and this will help him gravitational gun. This terrible, at first glance, weapon actually does not shoot, but simply can change the gravity of objects and attract them. It will be the key subject that will help a scientist to overcome all obstacles and traps. In the countless rooms of a huge underground laboratory, you will find many surprises. To climb platforms or open doors you have to use logical thinking and ingenuity. You will move objects, unlock doors and solve logic puzzles to achieve the goal. This new game is a very successful hybrid of platformer and puzzle, which is guaranteed to occupy an honorable place on the pedestal of your favorite games.