The Linear Basketball

  Let’s get ready to rumble with The Linear Basketball! Let's get ready to make some accurate shots! Get ready for the Linear Basketball! It’s a thinking man's basketball game. If you are familiar with basketball, you know that all of the best players has high iq levels: Jordan, Bird, Magic… All of them was familiar with doing something genius for success, separating them from usual basketballers. The Linear Basketball free game focuses on this side of basketball, the brain side of the game rather than the athletic side.   It’s an unusual basketball game but your task will be the same with other basketball games. Getting the ball through the hoop. But in Linear Basketball online game, a ball will be tossed into the air, and you have to draw linear sketches to get that ball into the hoop. After you get into the game you’ll see a cute fan with popcorns in his hand. His happiness depends on your smart drawings, if you can make the shot he’ll jump with joy. If you can't, he’ll cry his eyes off. You can only get to draw 3 lines for each shot, and 3 shots for each ball. Draw fast and draw smart otherwise you’ll lose.   If you’re familiar with the game Brain It On, you’re familiar with The Linear Basketball unblocked game. If you aren't, you’ll get familiar. Because it’s addictive. It's simplistic and enjoyable, and these qualities make the game pretty addictive. You’ll just wanna make shots after shots. It combines cartoony graphics with realistic physics, and does this so elegantly. It’s a great fun ride that you spend hours of your lifetime playing to get further in the game. But don't take our word for it, experience this great basketball game by yourself on yup7 now!