Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament is a crossword puzzle game released by Yup7 Games, the Crosswords are comprised of an array of letters laid out in a grid. These can be entered by typing the words you see in a word cloud from your word selection prompt, and when you click enter, the grid is filled in with letters.

The challenge in Microsoft Wordament Unblocked game is to make words from these grids within a time limit. A word is any sequence of characters that can be entered, including spaces, tabs, and parentheses. A puzzle is solved by finding pairs of adjacent words on the grid and using the appropriate key on the keyboard to align these words together. This is not as easy as it sounds and will take considerable brainpower.

The new Crosswords and Jumbles games are not only challenging but also extremely addictive. With millions being sold each day, Microsoft is certainly making money by offering players something truly memorable. I know you'll be happy you did. Yup7 Games wishes you success in Microsoft Wordament.