Train Simulator 2019

Today you will drive a large high-speed train. At first glance it may seem that there is nothing complicated, but this is far from true. In the game Train Simulator 2019 you have to learn all the nuances of managing this type of transport. At first, only one train will be available to you. To open access to other trains, you need to push and earn a certain amount of gold coins. So let's get started! From the first level, you will find yourself at the station. In order for the train to start off, you need to remove it from the brakes and speed up slowly. During the trip you should be very attentive and give a dial tone on time. Thus, you warn people about the arrival and departure of the train or give a signal to oncoming trains. Periodically, there will be a fork in the rails and you need to press a special button in time to switch the semaphore. As soon as the semaphore switch the train will change its direction. Be careful, otherwise you will come to a standstill. At the end of the journey the train will stop at the station, and you have to stop it at the section marked in green. Good luck!