The hero of the next game works in a large automotive company that deals with the transportation of large loads. In his free time, the guy likes to drive on various cars, including his truck. By the way, the racer out of him is pretty good and once it was noticed by the organizers of the competition, that is, the races. He was immediately sent an invitation to participate, to which he agreed. Go to the new race Evo-F and help Jack to become a winner. To win the race, you need to train, so the first thing is to go to the training ground where you will pass the test lane and immediately check your car. You will need to develop a decent speed, but at the same time you need to try not to get into an accident so as not to crash the car and stop the race. After passing the first track you can get to the second one, and so on. After completing the training, you can go to competitions that will take place within the city. Several cars will participate in the race, and everyone will try to do everything possible and impossible to become champions. This should be taken into account during the race and try to overtake everyone who tries to come first to the finish line.