Advent Mahjong

Welcome to the online game Advent Mahjong. This is a free Puzzle Game. Advent Mahjong Unblocked Game is a connect-the-majong puzzle game set during the Christmas season. The goal of the game is to clear the playing field by connecting and removing the same-type tiles. The more levels you complete, the closer you get to Christmas. There are four difficulty levels in the game, and each one gets more difficult as you get closer to the end of the season. The game requires you to use your mouse, keyboard, or finger to play.

In this free online game, you must connect and remove identical tiles from the grid. The aim of the game is to match three identical tiles. As you clear a level, you'll be able to unlock the next challenging level. In addition, you'll be able to rotate and move tiles, and use the hint option to help you. There are two difficulty levels in this game: the Beginner and Expert. Once you have mastered the basics of the game, you'll be able to take on the more difficult ones.

As the Christmas season approaches, it's time to start playing Advent Mahjong free game. This free Christmas-themed puzzle game is a fun way to increase your IQ. The main objective is to match as many blocks as you can to complete a level. The higher your score, the faster the game gets! Fortunately, you can get hints if you need them, and the game is easy to learn if you have a little bit of time to spare. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Advent Mahjong Unblocked Free Game!