Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

Welcome to the online game Idle Zoo Safari Rescue. This is a online unblocked Kids Game. If you love animals, then you will surely enjoy Idle Zoo Safari Rescue Unblocked Game, a game that will let you create your very own zoo. You must collect coins and build a better habitat for the animals. The game offers several features and is free to play.

You must learn the facts about these dangerous creatures and make them safe in a zoo. Luckily, there are lots of ways to do so in Idle Zoo Safari Rescue. The game features different animals and a young instructor who can help you save the animals. In addition to saving animals, the game also offers you the chance to earn idle cash, which you can spend on upgrades and new animals. You can even advance the game to the next level by collecting coins and enhancing the zoo.

The Idle Zoo Safari Rescue game is a clicker game that requires you to build a zoo with various habitats for the animals. Your progress will be tracked by the number of coins you earn. As you earn more coins, you can buy and upgrade habitats to provide a better environment for the animals. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Idle Zoo Safari Rescue Unblocked Free Game!