Kingdom of Ninja

Kingdom of Ninja is a simple but addictive arcade style platform game which adds 10 additional levels to first classic Kingdom of Ninja unblocked game. Help your character to avoid all obstacles and dangers and get to the finish of the level without crashing into walls or running out of time. The enemies consist of ninja warriors who run through the platform jumping and slashing at the lower level targets. They have machine guns that you need to destroy them and collect stars along the way.

If you think it is just another platform game, then think again. The game is filled with fun graphics, sound effects and a lot of exciting techniques. If you are not having any idea on how to play it, then here are some pointers to help you out. First of all, you need to select the difficulty level as low as you can handle, otherwise it will be very difficult for kids. When you are done with that, just open the game and tap the start button, and you are ready to start playing! wishes you have fun playing Kingdom of Ninja Unblocked free game!