Circle Rotate

Welcome to the great Circle Rotate game. This is a great puzzle games. Circle Rotate is a fun puzzle game that your kids will surely love. It is a popular educational game for children in 1 grade and can help improve your child's critical thinking skills. This game is simple, yet makes learning fun and can entertain your children for a long time. The objective is quite simple. You need to rotate a certain number of circles, making sure that all the circles are equally spaced from each other, making sure no circle is blocked off.

This game comes in two forms. One is an exciting endless level-base where you have to rotate as many balls as you can to complete the level. The second is a maze circle left view where you guide the balls to the holes by carefully guiding them on the screen. While it may seem easy, this is where the real challenge lays.

In order to play Circle Rotate Unblocked game you can either use the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse buttons. However, if you are playing on a computer you may find it more convenient to use the keyboard. On most versions of windows this type of game will display a window with two panes. Each pane displays the rotating circle and you can rotate it using the up and down arrows. The left and right arrows to control the movement of the ball and when it comes to selecting a particular color the arrow keys work just as well. wishes you have fun playing Circle Rotate Unblocked free game!