Hydro Storm 2

Welcome to the online game Hydro Storm 2. This is a great Action Game. Hydro Storm 2 Unblocked Game is an exciting, fast paced, high tech, jet ski racing game and ultimate combat game. This awesome game puts players into the shoes of some soldiers from the future, where in the year 2034, a massive ice cyclone wiped out the world's cities. Only a handful of military men were left as survivors and now they have been stranded on this island with no way to get off the island. However, they have an opportunity to fight or run for their lives as the water slowly but surely creeps in using powerful water waves and a huge variety of destructive tools.

This action game is set somewhere in today's turbulent waters of tomorrow; where in today, there are no international laws and woman's authority has packed up her bags to go home. The player takes control of three boats in Hydro Storm 2 game. They are each equipped with various weapons that are the Machine Gun, Spreadgun & Minigun. These weapons must be employed quickly to turn the tide of the battle and save your life; although there are some other resources available like Ice Staves, Boom Bikes, Drills, Rockets and Pistols.

All these weapons and vehicles can be used together to perform amazing stunts and land your shot at the prize of rescue; though the ultimate aim is to kill all enemies, gather gold and become the ultimate boss of this online game. The graphics and sound effects are realistic while providing a true gaming experience with its wonderful audio menu. The levels are set to challenge you to prove your gaming skill as you progress through each stage. Truly Hydro Storm 2 Game is an exciting, quick action, racing game and a great online mmorpg based on water based combat. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Hydro Storm 2 Unblocked Free Game!