Fruit Hunting

  Here's a great kids game for you: Fruit Hunting! Would you like to play a colorful and attractive game? As always, you're in the right place, because we have just the game for you.   In this great game, Fruit Hunting unblocked what you need to do is simple. Your job is to try and catch the fruits that are coming from above. By catching these fruits, you will collect points. It's an awesome game and opportunity to test your reflexes and see how good they are. Because there will be a wheel on which there are the pictures of some fruits that you will need to slide right or slide left according to the fruit coming from above. For example, if an orange is coming, you need to slide the wheel and make the orange picture be on the top. Don't worry if you fail. You can replay and start trying again immediately.   With its colorful and attractive graphics, you will really enjoy yourself while testing your reflexes. Start playing Fruit Hunting now and see how fast your reflexes are. If you want to play more games like this one, visit our Kids Games category for more. Have fun playing!