Vandan The Detective

Welcome to the free game Vandan The Detective. This is a great Girl Games. Vandan the Detective unblocked game is a puzzle game developed by It is one of those girl games that has a strong science fiction background also. The story revolves around a young girl called Vandan who becomes very talented in the field of mathematics. She wants to be a space officer someday but she soon realizes that she is far from being qualified. She has to go to her father's estate to clear her name and to get enough money to get started in her career path.

Vandan The Detective is a first person view game in which you are to play as Vandan and solve the mystery of every room and every level. The heroine of this game, a girl called Vandan, already knows for a fact that once she grows up, she will become a top detective. However, she soon learns that she is not talented enough to be a space officer and so she needs to go to her father's estate to clear her name and start a career path in this field. You play the role of Vandan the detective who tries to solve crime with the help of a couple of hidden objects and clues. The story is told through Vandan's voice and you can switch between the first and third person view to read the story.

The game is available for free on and is also available for download on certain websites. While playing Vandan The Detective, you will need to pay attention to all the subtle clues given to you throughout the game that will finally help you solve the mystery of each room. The hidden object scenes in the game are beautifully illustrated and are made so beautiful that you will not even realize that they are there until you get closer to the end of the game. This girl detective online game is one of those mystery games that will keep you coming back to play again as it takes you into another time period and another crime. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Vandan The Detective unblocked free game!