Traffic Go

Welcome to the online game Traffic Go. This is a free Car Game. Traffic Go Unblocked Game is one of the best city traffic games on the internet. The game features a lot of racing missions and challenges, and it's also got beautiful HD graphics. This game can be played on mobil device or PC.

The first mission in the game requires you to drive a car through a busy city, avoiding other vehicles, and completing all the levels. As you progress through the levels, you'll be able to collect gold that you can spend on new cars. As you earn more money, you'll be able to unlock a wider variety of vehicles, which will increase your speed.

You can also buy Nitrous boosts to improve your score. These can be used to speed up your car. But be careful, they degrade the vehicle's lifespan. Buying a boost will get you higher scores. And don't forget to upgrade your car's nitrous fuel! The Nitrous boosters will help you make more money. As you complete stages, you can earn bonuses. Just remember to upgrade your car to get more points. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Traffic Go Unblocked Free Game!